Monday, October 01, 2012

Inspiration Post --> LAMI CLOTHING

This is a write-up from one of my followers on Twitter and she just wanted me to help her post it on here maybe it will inspire some folks. "LAMI CLOTHING…………my mother my inspiration My names are Jennifer Barbie Christopher born to the family of Chief Christopher Okokobi hails from Agenebode Edo State,20 years old. Two years ago specifically on 14th April 2010 I received the most shocking news of my life which was the passing of my beloved mother Anthonia Lami Okokobi.Actually its been hard coming up with appropriate words to describe her but oh well I have to try. mummy calls me her twin and mother(odumama na) because of the striking resemblance, I remember one time when she was admitted in the hospital and I was to look after her I unfortunately had a stomach ache which cause my mum to alert the whole hospital running around with her pile just to make sure am fine,that was just one of the wonderful highlight of having such an amazing mother, she was a true definition of a 'sweet mother' and a rare gem. I lost her to cancer which devastated me for a long time causing me to lose my sanity but am glad I got back up and decided to have something beautiful in her mum was an inspiration to anything I was involved with while she was alive and in death she's been with me and still my inspiration So I decided it will be a clothing line keeping in mind her love for fashion and mine too. And that was how I came up with LAMI Clothing My style is influenced by the urban life style which has become a trend, creating an urban look enriching our beautiful African culture. Lami clothing is a mix of FUNK,AFRICAN & URBAN. I just want people to have in mind that losing someone dear isn't replaceable but getting a reason to talk and smile about that person everyday is priceless,And yes we can fight cancer." Anthonia lami okokobi lives on!!! Contact info Email- Phone number 08151327451 Twitter @janeyjil @lamiclothing God bless


At Thursday, October 04, 2012 2:03:00 AM, Anonymous dymphna said...

Truly inspired,funky!! She lives on,and she'd b proud of u!

At Thursday, May 08, 2014 4:00:00 AM, Anonymous Brandy Melville Shorts said...

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