Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey folks, I know it's been a minute since I have updated this medium, well it has been a little hectic for ya boy here. Work is still the same 'ol "Binsh" pardon me like ma UK folks will say and School is not letting up as well.just when you think you have a small breathing space "BAM" those 2 "Binshes" will just slip one on you and before you know it, you are on a long thing again.Well i am not going to lie sha, I have been having my own small jolly on the side with the little time I have been able to slip past those 2 "binshes".

Anyway what's been going down on this forum 'cos I have not been on here in a long minute mehn.....gone are the days when I was addicted to blogger like how some bad smell are addicted to farts...(Am sure a lot of people will be like ewwwwwww... to the last proverb wey i just drop...story like all of una no dey fart, if you say u don't fart oya say this prayer after me ..."God please block my fart hole for a week IJN Amen")

I was just listening to the song "Reminisce by Mary J. Blige" the other day and I remember when I first started blogging in October 2005.It was like a new outlet for me to free a little of my madness like Terry G said and some madness were freed o me...although all was for fun sha.I have met a lot of people through this medium and we are still friends as of today.....hmmm I am not sure if I really got to meet any foe on here although crase people plenty for here no be small ....but you know say when crase jam another crase wey carry like 3 crase for back like pikin,crase sef go cool down now. Its just like a lagos area boy bragging and shouting and dem come transfer the buffoon go Warri,Omo crase fit go meet better crase for road o.

Anyway like I was saying before the crase talk come enter my talk,I joined blogger in October 2005 and was very active till 2008, which was when a lot of crase anonymous started emerging. It was like dem just introduce internet for Aro that time and all the crase people just decide to be anonymous and start wahala on top blogger,but there were some really nice anonymous o,trust me I know quite a few.
I remember when we had the blogger bachelor and bachelorette show,it was fun back then sha...anyway before dem come chase me comot from this cybercafe say my money dan finish abi before "Yee eff cece" come arrest me join rogues say I be yahoo yahoo...make I throwway some joke to una side sha ..

Before I drop these jokes ..lemme put a disclaimer out here o ..

Case of the Priest
A priest kept chickens at his village parish. One evening the cock went missing. During the evening mass the priest asked who has a cock. All the men got up.
No I meant who has seen a cock. All the women got up.
No no who has seen a cock that is not theirs. Half the women got up.
Oh for goodness sake. Who has seen my cock. ALL THE NUNS GOT UP.

Case of the Stupid people
A recently retired man went to d bank to cash in his life savings! The next day he was visited at home by armed robbers. They demanded the money, but he pleaded with them as it was all he had left. The leader of the robbers decided to be lenient and told him its either the money or he gets infected with hiv through blood been injected into his body. He asked for time to think about it, so he went into the room, came out after 5 mins and decided he would keep the money and get the hiv! After being injected, the robbers left.
He was ecstatic and started laughing to himself. His wife asked why the joyful expression as he had just been infected with an uncurable disease. He looked at her, laughed some more and replied : stupid people, they didn't know I was wearing a CONDOM!

Case of Ok now!
A boy comes home grinning from ear to ear and tells his parents he just had sex for the first time.
His proud dad was so happy that he told the boy he will buy the boy the bike he has been asking for to celebrate his new manhood experience when he gets paid next week.
The boy smiles and says " thats ok Dad, my arse is too sore to ride it yet anyway"

Case of who is who!
Youngest son asked his Dad "Dad whats the difference between potential and reality?"
Dad turned to his wife and asked her "would you sleep with Tom Cruise for $1million?"
Wife answered yes of cos..I would never waste such an opportunity!
Dad turned to his daughter "would you sleep with Will Smith for $2Million?
Daughter answered "Wow thats my fantasy of cos i will even without the money"
Dad turned to his eldeest son and asked if he would sleep with Denzel Washington for $1million.
Son answered of cos i would never hesitate!
Dad turned to his youngest son and said, you see son " PONTENTIALLY" we are sitting on $4million but in "REALITY" we are living with 2 prostitutes and 1 gay person.

Prayer is the key to everything o, so let us try and pray all the time just like this little girl in this picture is doing..

Ok folks I just see some people wey resemble my guys from Yee eff Ceecee now make I fade comot here ... Will try and keep this up o ...just pray for your guy sha ..

cashhh ya larra !!!


At Monday, March 22, 2010 8:14:00 PM, Blogger KG said...

Hmm, NaijaBloke, these your jokes wey come sketchy like this ehn. I'm not saying I didn't laugh sha
I've heard that reality vs potential joke before though but it's still funny.

At Thursday, April 15, 2010 10:58:00 AM, Blogger Psych said...

Cool site. I happen to have a blog too, Feel free to check it out

At Tuesday, May 18, 2010 11:49:00 AM, Blogger The Life of a Stranger called me said...

You is a messs :).

At Friday, August 20, 2010 11:14:00 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

Interesting blog. Who is the most interesting person you've met from here, and why?

At Saturday, June 04, 2011 11:41:00 AM, Anonymous bennie efemena ben-iriri said...

Never heard these before;funny man, really funny


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