Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend trip

Phew!!! Just got a break since I stepped into this place called "office" and "workplace" for my peeps who have been outside Naija for so long.

I got back Sunday evening from the wedding in MD and did not know I was that tired until I got up the next morning to go to work.Almost called in but I remembered I still have plans for the rest of my vacation days unless God bless me with a better and more paying job before then.AMEN O

Anyway the wedding I went for was interesting and was fun as well cos I got to see a lot of my family,as in my aunties that I have not seen for sometime and also saw a couple of friends I have not see in a while.The good thing about most of the weddings you go to in the USA is that you get to see friends,schoolmates(Primary,Secondary and University and Middle school,High school and College for my peeps thats been long gone from home,family friends and even cousins that you have not seen in a while or that you did not even know is in the US.

The only thing I did not like about the whole trip was that I had to get to the airport at 6am for a 9am flight and it took me 1hr 13mins to go through security after I had already checked in online just because some crazy and ignorant people decided that their life suck so they need to kill themselves along with some other people.I got to the airport and their was this double line extending out of the airport building unto the sidewalk of the building and people were been searched,shoes been put in some kind of scanner and the general one ..No liquids.

Finally made it to MD and went to eat at a Nigerian restaurant,forgot the name,but it is located in an Hispanic area of the town.We got there and met people that have been waiting for over an hour to get their order and almost decided to leave,but got our order after 30mins.From there rushed back to the hotel to change and go for the engagement which was by the way scheduled for 5.30pm which was again confirmed by the groom when I got to MD,but did not start till after I got there at 7.30pm.The engagement was fun,just like the normal yoruba engagement,making fun of the groom and the MCs collecting money before doing any small thing or before performing any small request.The engagement finally ended like around 11.30pm and I was planning to hit Baltimore for some club time from Laurel,but unfortunately my aunt(bride's mum) caught me and I had to help move all the bride's engagement returns in my car to her house.So I actually ended up not able to make it to Baltimore that nite,because we did not finish with the moving and clearing of the hall till like almost 12.30am and it wont make sense driving 30mins to Baltimore at that time and my peeps in Baltimore were even not picking up the phone.. only God knows what and where they were then,can't blame them though ..Thank God it is friday.

I decided to go to bed and thought it was a joke when I stopped at like 5 gas stations to get myself a 6pack of heineken to go relax with at the hotel and could not find beer in any of the gas stations.I was later told the next day by a friend that you can only get beer at liquor stores in MD and not even in grocery stores too.

Anyway the wedding went all smooth and it was really cool.The pastor got the church service out of the way as quickly as possible,even with the sermon and everything.The reception was held in DC which is only possible up North of the US.Having the church wedding in one state and the reception in another state,who born u for this side,you might probably be the only one at the reception except you have some homies in the other state.

The reception was the normal Naija reception with both families trying to outdo themselves on who can dance and spray dollar bills the most o.Well you kinda get carried away listening to the music by the band and when you see people dancing,because I also ended up spraying the couple and a few of my aunties sha.The reception was nice and everything,I was actually a bit busy trying to get some good pictures on the couple and get my grub on as well.It was nice to see my cousins and their friends trying to get their Mack on a couple of chics at the wedding party and it actually brought back some good old memories when you are trying to Mack down chics at wedding and stuffs.

I left the wedding party around 11.30pm and it was almost over anyway,because the couple already left but the families were still getting their dance on.I went to the hotel to change and drove like 30mins to Baltimore with one of my friends to go to a club in downtown Baltimore,think it's called something louge.I heard it is owned by an Ethopian and you have different rooms inside with couches and love seats everywhere and a dancefloor on one side as well.Was at the club for like an hour and was thankful to God that we decided to change our minds about parking in a building's parking lot.One dude that parked there got his car towed just when we were coming out of the club and he was literally trying to chase the towtruck.Left the club finally and the GPS in the rental car took me round downtown before I finally found my way back to I-95 to drive back to Beltsville like around 2.30am.

Left MD like around 1.30pm to go to Reagan Washington airport and was like 26mins late dropping the car off at the rental place because of traffic and the chic incharge of return vehicles was trying to charge me for another day,but got it resolve by one of the customer service people.The airport was not that crowded as I expected and going through the security check was not an hassle like it was when leaving Houston on Friday,but there was still a lot of security everywhere.

I have a couple of nice shots that I will be sharing on my photoblog as soon as I let the couple see them first.The trip was nice although it seems it was so short.


At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 8:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

over 1 hr to go through security? guess my DC trip is CANCELLED!


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