Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Been a little busy with work and some other things I am trying to do.I was actually thinking I will be able to finish the assignment(tag thingy )T-Minx gave me to do.

Was just able to get on my system at work cos part of the power in my building was down.The elevator was not working and I had to run up the stairs to the 7th floor and people were actually sitting down and resting on the stairs.I was out of breath by the time I got to the 7th floor too,cos I practically ran up the stairs.Note to self(Need to go to the gym more often now).Well the air was out and the systems were down for 2hrs.People were actually praying for the air not to come back on,cos they wanted to go home.

Anyway saw this joke and decided to put it on here along with the picture message as well.

"Three men who were lost in the forest were captured by cannibals. The
cannibal king told the prisoners that they could live if they pass a trial.
The first step of the trial was to go to the forest and get ten pieces of
the same kind of fruit. So all three men went separate ways to gather
fruits. The first one came back and said to the king, "I brought ten
apples." The king then explained the trial to him. "You have to shove the
fruits up your butt without any _expression on your face or you'll be
eaten." The first apple went in... but on the second one he winced out in
pain, so he was killed. The second one arrived and showed the king ten
berries. When the king explained the trial to him he thought to himself that
this should be easy. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...
and on the ninth berry he burst out in laughter and was killed. The first
guy and the second guy met in heaven. The first one asked, "Why did you
laugh, you almost got away with it?" The second one replied, "I couldn't
help it, I saw the third guy coming with pineapples."

You guys have a lovely week.


At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 2:12:00 PM, Blogger LondonBuki said...

I haven't done the assigment that TMinx gave yet oh. Too hard men!

LOL!!! I am the one you are always making fun of that all I do is jog and go to work... if it were me, I'd have jogged up those 7 flights of stairs, without breaking a sweat and I'd have caught my breath back in a MINUTE!!! LOL!

LOL I have seen that joke somewhere... Pineapples. Yeparipa!

LOL @ the Miller ad as well.

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 5:04:00 PM, Blogger The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Hahahaah LoL, I thoroughly like the miller joke, you self..

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 6:39:00 PM, Anonymous Nigerican said...

U kill me every time Lmao.I think u want me to get fired huh, I knew this was a conspiracy

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 7:38:00 PM, Blogger Bent out of shape said...

LOL!... I should stop reading blogs at work... I'm constantly bursting into loud laughter , which I always try to turn into a cough... Not cool. I sound like I a weird coughing disease. Good jokes! :-)

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 8:33:00 PM, Blogger Smoothvibes said...

LOL.. ok.. seriosuly dem jokes are tew funny! Another reason to always stop by ur blog.....

keep 'em comming.

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 9:49:00 PM, Blogger Lee said...

I wish I had to climb those kind of stairs daily.. Lucky you at least you dont have to pay for gym membership..hahaha

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006 9:08:00 AM, Blogger Biodun said...

I am out of shape too, so I totally feel u, I probably would have taken forever 2 go up 7 flights of stairs, ha ha,

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006 9:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha! the miller commercial.. priceless!

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006 12:29:00 PM, Blogger Mari said...

am pretty sure you've made like a million mental notes to use the gym more often. goodluck.

u and ure jokes, this is why i love coming back for more. there's always something to make me laugh.
i love beer adverts, they are sooo original.

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006 2:15:00 PM, Blogger NaijaBloke said...

@Buki na u sabi ..at least I ran up the stairs ni and moreover this na stairs not jogging trail.
@Life of a stranger .... nice laffter u got there.LOL ..
@Nigerican .. I have warn u numerous times,try to be like Bent out of shape and turn the laffter into coughing.Me I no get job for u o.
@Bend out of shape ..Nice to see u r still out there.
@Smoothvibes ..thx and am on my way to ur blog now too.
@@Lee ..LOL ..I feel u jere..at least by the time u do the stairs thing for like a month,u shd be able to fit into ur Taxi/bike transportation ..LOL
@Biodun.. not only u o,u need to see a whole bunch of ppl sitting down and resting on the stairs.
@Belle ..abi..it's a woman's world,right!!!
@Mari ..seems like u can read me like a book.. 24hr fitness sent me a ltr sef to see why they have not seen me in like forever.

At Thursday, September 14, 2006 7:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: Miller ad

Please what is the beer for????????


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