Monday, January 15, 2007

Why can't They Just Get Along

Howdy folks, just had to throw that in cos am from H-town, Texas babayyyyyy and just came back from Nashville, TN which is the home of cowboys and country music.

Anyway hope I won't be crucified with my tantrums today 'cos it has to do with why women just can’t get along and even live together. Studies have pretty much concluded that women always have problems with each other cos women are very much competitive amongst each other and cos of raging hormones as well.(God help you to cross a woman been hormonally disarranged by menstrual cramps)

I have twin sisters and I always notice the competition amongst them while growing up, although the Kehinde is more competitive though and the Taiwo is laid back and does not like wahala.

Coming back to what prompted this chit chat, I was a little late for my flight down here on Thursday and could not check my bag in, so I had to carry it on with my laptop bag which actually was a pain, but thank God I only have a travel pack lotion, deodorant spray and a small Eau de toilette in the bag. So I had to run with both bags to the terminal and made it into the plane. I got to my seat and the lady thatz suppose to be seating beside was having a throw down with the lady seating right behind me, cos the lady behind me was trying to tell her to put her laptop bag under the seat in front of her so that she can have enough space to put her carry on bag. The lady seating beside me was not giddy with that idea and thatz where the wahala started o. I tried talking to both of them but I finally rest my case cos they indirectly told me to shut my trap, cos they got this. Anyway I finally agree to let the woman beside me put her laptop bag under the seat in front of me and I just thank God that I found a spot to put my bag upfront before I got to the seat, cos am sure both of them would have turn on me if I as much talk about putting my bag up there. Well they kept referring to each other all through the flight o.

Make sure you watch the video O!!!

So folks what is your own view about why women can’t as much has get along?

Proverbs From the First Grade...

A first grade teacher collected well-known proverbs. She gave each kid in the class the first half of the proverb, and asked them to fill in the rest. Here's what the kids came up with:

1. Better to be safe than... punch a 5th grader.

2. Strike while the... bug is close.

3. It's always darkest before... daylight savings time.

4. Never underestimate the power of... termites.

5. You can lead a horse to water but... how?

6. Don't bite the hand that... looks dirty.

7. No news is... impossible.

8. A miss is as good as a... Mr.

9. You can't teach an old dog... math.

10. If you lie down with dogs, you... will stink in the morning.

11. Love all, trust... me.

12. The pen is mightier than... the pigs.

13. An idle mind is... the best way to relax.

14. Where there is smoke, there's... pollution.

15. Happy is the bride who... gets all the presents.

16. A penny saved is... not much.

17. Two is company, three's... The Musketeers.

18. None are so blind as... Helen Keller.

19. Children should be seen and not... spanked or grounded.

20. If at first you don't succeed... get new batteries.

21. You get out of something what you... see pictured on the box.

22. When the blind lead the blind... get out of the way.

23. There is no fool like... Aunt Edie.

24. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Cry and... you have to blow your nose.

I got this warning from one of my friends and just had to share it with you guys

Take a look at this!

Cancer News From Johns Hopkins

This is News update from John Hopkins Hospital. It is a good


Cancer update -- Johns Hopkins -- Cancer News from Johns Hopkins:

1. No plastic containers in micro.

2. No water bottles in freezer.

3. No plastic wrap in microwave.

Johns Hopkins has recently sent this out in its newsletters. This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as well.

Dioxin chemicals causes cancer, especially breast cancer.

Dioxins are highly poisonous to the cells of our bodies. Don't freeze your plastic bottles with water in them as this releases dioxins from the plastic.

Recently, Dr. Edward Fujimoto, Wellness Program Manager at Castle Hospital , was on a TV program to explain this health hazard. He talked about dioxins a nd how bad they are for us.

He said that we should not be heating our food in the microwave

using plastic containers. This especially applies to foods that contain fat. He said that the combination of fat, high heat, and plastics

releases dioxin into the food and ultimately into the cells of the body.

Instead, he recommends using glass, such as Corning Ware, Pyrex

or ceramic containers for heating food. You get the same results, only

without the dioxin.

So such things as frozen dinners, instant ramen noodles and soups,

etc., should be removed from the container and heated in something else. Paper isn't bad but you don't know what is in the paper. It's just safer to use tempered glass, Corning Ware, etc.

He reminded us that a while ago some of the fast food restaurants moved away from the foam containers to paper. The dioxin problem is one of the reasons.

Also, he pointed out that plastic wrap, such as Saran, is just as dangerous when placed over! foods to be cooked in the microwave.

As the food is nuked, the high heat causes poisonous toxins to actually melt out of the plastic wrap and drip into the food.

Cover food with a paper towel instead.

So folks am wishing you a lovely week ‘cos as of right now we are having an ice sleet or ice storm down here o.


At Monday, January 15, 2007 10:04:00 PM, Blogger Nilla said...

Yay I'm first!!

The video only played for a 35 seconds.

Why can't women get along?
Hmmmm I don't know...but I guess we are not as tolerant as guys, and we get easily irritated.
Nothwithstanding, we still have stress free ladies :-)

LOL @ the proverbs.

At Monday, January 15, 2007 10:12:00 PM, Blogger Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

You beat me to it. Not fair! YAY!!! i'm second. Seriously, women are very irritable. Woe betides anyone that crosses a woman's path that time of the month. Those proverbs are hilarious. U've jokes man. I pity u o, let the ladies of blogsville descend on u, u'll know say khaki no be leda. Hv a blessed week.

At Monday, January 15, 2007 11:10:00 PM, Blogger DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmm...NB who did you go see in nashville...seems like you are a frequent visitor...makes me wonder now...

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 1:44:00 AM, Blogger 4wardnfiaca said...


At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 4:50:00 AM, Anonymous azuka said...

As the saying goes, one of the best things about being a man is that you can walk into a party, meet someone wearing exactly the same tuxedo or dressed far better than you are and still become best friends.

I made the switch to Pyrex and ceramic ages ago. Thanks for the headsup.

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 8:48:00 AM, Blogger The Life of a Stranger called me said...

women are special. They are indeed somthing else, but you know what, guys wont have us any different. So how have you been. All this travelling. Did you say that you were moving to Florida. Which one is Nashville, or is there a lady friend there?? - See how I missed your birthday sorry..abeg..

As usual your jokes are hysterical. Have a blessed week.

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 9:07:00 AM, Blogger Mari said...

Wow @ the cancer newsletter. This world just gets worse each and every day. Very soon we won't be able to eat coz something in the food will melt in our bodies and will react with something in the stomach or blah blah not a doctor so excuse my illiteracy.

I do believe women find it hard to work together or eve live together in some instances. Completion is the key factor.

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 10:25:00 AM, Blogger The Life of a Stranger called me said...

OK good, I havnt missed ya birthday. 3 days left. Will keep ya in my prayers. It is well.

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 10:31:00 AM, Blogger TaureanMinx said...

Hows Tampa?

I don't know what it is..maybe the hormones lol. See how wicked naija lady drivers can be! Once they see a woman behind the wheels they start to form 'I can drive better than you'. Its really quite annoying cos I'm nicer to ladies than danfo drivers loll. And don't let me start on some chicks from my sec school, you'd say hi and they would do that cross eyed, 'are you talking to me?' look. The same girls that used to steal your water from your flask! After experiences like that I guess girls start becoming more cautious of other girls and it creates this evil cycle.

Its really amazing and I don't get it can never be explained

So my number is nought-9-nought-dozen-dozen-dozen. Who remembers that joke.

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 1:11:00 PM, Blogger Smoothvibes said...

Ice storm in Tampa too? Boowoo!

Lol.. It's snowing here in Austin~

Women will NEVER get along. PERIOD.

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 1:18:00 PM, Blogger NaijaBloke said...

@nilla ..abi o I wonder who will know why when u guys don't even know why..LOL

@Xoxo ... I have learnt from experience o ..thatz why I thank God for having sisters atimes ..

@Diamond ..this is my first time in Nashville o ..LOL and I went for another interview ni o ..abi na the company offering the most ego I dey follow o..I no come America to come count bridge o ..LOL

@4wardnfiaca ..well I guess there won't be the word "drama" in the ebonics language ..LOL

@Azuka ..I agree with you on that jere

@TLOSCM ... which yeye woman ..I went for another interview ni o.Yeah am starting the job in FL next monday I shd be there by the weekend and thx jere dear

@Mari ..very funny @ur illitercy ..I agree with u jere ..I don't think our papas and mamas went thru all this jere

@TMinx not in Tampa yet till next monday o and I still dont get it why women r so competitive and jealous of each other,but the thing women dont know is when it comes to been Jealous,men r more Jealous than women .

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 1:19:00 PM, Blogger NaijaBloke said...

@Smoothvibes .. am not in Tampa yet o still in Houston o ..Yeah i know of my friend is stranded in Austin now and the job he was suppose to do yesterday was cancelled sef.

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 4:09:00 PM, Blogger Teva said...

hmmm NB, I wont be surprised if this divide-and-conquer tactic is what you've planned for all the ladies in blogsville eh?Spreading your charms everywhere abi??? LOL.
In all seriousness however, i have to say, God knew what he did when he made us not like ourselves, we'd have taken over the World AGES AGO!
There's no force as strong as united woman, even the devil would be petrified!!!

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 4:21:00 PM, Blogger Jaycee said...

hmmmmm FAT + PLASTIC =, interesting. I know peeps have to survive on microwaves sha...

Dunno why women can't get along together. I think it has to do with....never mind. Crazy video...again naijabloke!

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 4:51:00 PM, Blogger confusednaijagirl said...

thanks for the cancer advice will be following it.And why did you try to stop two women fighting do you have a death wisH!!! i guess women are just more dramatic sha.

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 4:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the blind lead the blind get out the stuff...happy new feels so good to be back in blogworld.

At Tuesday, January 16, 2007 6:35:00 PM, Blogger NaijaBloke said...

@Teva ..LOL ..I don't know what u r talking abt o and I must def agree with u abt that united woman thingy o,cos someone made that statement that it seems God knows that if all Nigerians can unite we will def take over the world men ..

@Jaycee ...u guys dont know too wah o

@confused.. I just wanted to help them settle it ni o so i would be able to get a nice sleep during the flight,but that never happened.

@Babe ..welcome back ..when did u get back ...

At Wednesday, January 17, 2007 12:06:00 AM, Blogger Vera Ezimora said...

I could only watch like 35 seconds of the video. It kept stopping.

I love malcom in the middle. It's soooo stupid.

Good talk about the cancer.

baby, u gotta go my monthly breast test o!

At Wednesday, January 17, 2007 6:10:00 AM, Blogger 36 INCHES OF BROWN LEGS said...

confess o, who dey for Nashvile????? ehn?

At Wednesday, January 17, 2007 11:35:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got back last is terrible...not loving it....want to go back to nigeria.

At Thursday, January 18, 2007 3:29:00 AM, Blogger temmy tayo said...

Uhmn this world and wahala. Cancer. May God help us. Thanks for keeping us informed o jare.Meanwhile what does Vera mean????

At Thursday, January 18, 2007 9:35:00 AM, Anonymous omohemi Benson said...

Only God,and maybe Adam can answer the question!

But when women unite,abeg comot for road o!

The proverbs are hilarious!
Happy birthday in advance.

At Thursday, January 18, 2007 11:35:00 AM, Blogger Calabar Gal said...

Back with a bang as usual after ur hiatus hmmn? The video has refused to play on my system - still trying though. Those jokes are hilarious.

At Thursday, January 18, 2007 1:47:00 PM, Blogger Vera Ezimora said...

Happy birthday in advance, darling. But hurry up and update as soon as we finish errr....

At Friday, January 19, 2007 12:08:00 AM, Blogger Nilla said...


May the warmth you've shown to others return to you on this special day.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

p.s. It's the 19th where I am and I'm guessing where you are too...don't know what time your blog is set to.

At Friday, January 19, 2007 12:08:00 AM, Blogger Vera Ezimora said...

Vera means that her hubby Bloke should come and do her monthly breast exam.

Happy Birthday Bloke baby!!!! Make sure you set the mood okay? I'll be home in a minute, so I can take care of you the way you like it.

At Friday, January 19, 2007 2:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my sweet ex-boyfriend... I'm happy that you've clocked another year... but my happiness is shrouded with a little bit of misery because you chose to cheat on me with my ex-secretary Vera... I mean we had a good thing going on... I had already bought my wedding gown... I mean you hadn't proposed or anything.. but I just knew it was gonna happen so I wanted to be ready by that time!!! only to now hear that you...

in fact let me not make myself sad... I'm sure you want to spend all the time you can with her... but let me just warn you oh... her EGUSI SOUP SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday NaijaBloke sugarpie... honeyplum...
ps... I'm still willing to give you a second chance!

At Saturday, January 20, 2007 3:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

first of all, Happy birthday.
Women can't get along bcos they have insecurity issues and and an amazing apetite for drama.

At Tuesday, January 23, 2007 12:53:00 PM, Blogger beautyinbaltimore said...

Women don't get along because we are very competive with each other for the attention of men. When men are not around some women behave a bit better.
I heard about the plastic issue somewhere before. I think I need to make some changes.

At Sunday, January 28, 2007 5:14:00 PM, Anonymous Miss Chi Chi said...

My first time on here and I love what you're doing!

link exchange?
I'll e-mail you but I didn't see it post up.

At Friday, February 23, 2007 4:21:00 AM, Blogger Irael said...

Isn't the Johns Hopkins thing a hoax?


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