Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just heard this joke from my boss and I think it is damn funny.
There was this billionaire that had so much money and was just bored and was trying to look for something to excite him.So he got 2 dozen of alligators and put them in his swimming pool and said anybody that could swim from one end of the pool to another will be able to ask for anything from him.
So a lot of people were just standing beside the pool debating on what to do and they just heard a splash in the pool and saw a man swiming across and the man made it to the other side just as the last alligator was about to snap his leg off.The man got up and was breathing heavily,the billionaire ran up to man and ask him to what he wants.The man was brething so heavily and he said he needed sometime to cool down.After he was able to cool down,the billionaire ask him again to decide on what he wants.

The man said he just "want to know who pushed him into the pool?"

After much investigation,they later found out that it was his wife that pushed him into the pool.What do u think about that?

When I was growing up,family values was the first and main issue that parents make kids know and abide by and that is what is pushing a lot of people till today to great heights and to been successful in whatever they do.

Like one of my Professors use to say,"family values in the world is long gone with the '80s generation".He analysed the family values issues to use with a circular type chart,that for example a child is surrounded first by immediate family,the community,the school,then the church and then the law.He said the child already broke through circular covering of the families,the community,school and the church and it is only the law that is still keeping the child in check as of today.

I agreed with him because back in the days,we were so afraid of our families,elderly people in our immediate community,our school teachers and the church executives,and all that always keep us in check when breaking the law or misbehaving,but nowadays parents dont even have time for their kids,that they cant even control them and it is only the law that is controlling the society now.

I kinda wonder what will happen if the circular covering of the law breaks.Well my Professor believe that is when the world will come to an end.

I believe we need to take the responsibilties of discipline back to homes by teaching kids family values which will literally make us appreciate the value of life.

Let me know what you think.