Thursday, July 27, 2006

Safety In Nigeria

I first learnt about PDP Chieftain Funsho Williams assassination on 's blog and was not that surprise. The rate at which people are been assassinated in Nigeria is so high that when I am going to Nigeria,I don't even let my mum know until am there, cos she will always try to convince me not to come.

The killings in Naija is mostly because of Power,money and relationships(women),which is the same all over the world,but it is very easy to assassinate someone in Naija,even an important person and get away with it.

For example,Late Chief Bola Ige was assassinated while he was still the Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the administration of our one and only Obasanjo.My house to Chief Bola Ige's house in Bodija in Ibadan is like 5mins walk and I still saw him with his wife like 45mins before he was killed.
So we should ask ourselves how can someone like the Attorney General of a country,who is suppose to be the 3rd in command to the president be killed like a fowl and all the people arrested were released and nothing came out of the investigation till today.Chief Omisore,the then deputy governor of Osun state was arrested for the assassination and he later won an election to become a senator while he was still in prison.He was later released and served as a senator and the witness that confessed about the killing is no where to be found today to testify against him.
We also have a lot of people that has been killed just because of power and money and which this crazy administration we have as our government definitely know about.Like in 2002,the PDP chairman of Rivers State,Chief Dikibo Marshall Harry was killed just because he decided to oppose Peter Odili running for a second term.Peter Odili is Obasanjo's godson,he is the one soliciting for Obasanjo with the Oil companies.Obasanjo's third term campaign is been backed by the Oil companies.

Imagine this,2 of my cousins were killed during the last election just cos they were running for counselorships posts in their different local government and I have a friend here that his Uncle left here to go and run for a chairmanship seat in Naija and the guy was almost killed,the guy is limping now cos he was shot in the leg and was flown back here for a surgery cos he was told in Naija that they had to amputate the leg.If you ask the guy about Naija now,the guy will tell you Naija is visiting and America is home.

I am still trying to figure out how people survive in Nigeria,because you will still see some people earning just N7000 monthly.With that kind of salary,why wont the person do anything for money if he gets the chance to.I was in traffic on Allen one day and saw this old man selling recharge cards for cellphones,somehow I just felt compasionate towards the man and called him.I asked him how big is his family and he told me he has 5kids with his wife making 7 of them.The only job he has is selling the recharge cards which I am sure he is getting from a middle man who is getting a commision off the sales.How much can he making to sustain his family?I actually gave the guy all the naira I had on me that day and the guy did not believe it cos he was just like why am I giving him money.

I love Nigeria with all my heart o,because Nigeria made me who I am today in terms of morals and generally how to view life,but when I think about things that happen on a daily basis in that country,I shiver.Everytime I go to Naija,the only way of surviving or relating is to change ur attitude as soon as u land in naija.At a point in time my brother looked at me one day and was like am I sure I stay in the US or I actually stay in Ghana cos the way I act when am in Naija scares him.The reason for doing that is just to let people know that you can not be swindled or assaulted.

I worked for the first Internet Service provider in Nigeria after my NYSC and actually thought I was getting paid then,cos u know freash from college,young with no responsibility yet and living life in Port Harcourt.....people that have been to Port Harcourt will know what am talking about.I went to the company to just look around and got talking to people working there now cos I still have a couple of my collegues then still working there and found out that the people doing the same job I was doing 4-5 yrs ago are still been paid the same salary that I was been paid back then.Can you imagine with all the inflation in Nigeria within the 4-5yrs.

What I always tell people is all we can do is keep praying for naija and hope for the best which is not in sight any time soon as I can see sha.Like one of my friends said that a pastor said it has gotten to stage that you have to start praying for yourself and your family instead of praying for Nigeria.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Men I got this video from a friend and could not help but put it on here.I laffed for only God knows when.

I hope u find it funny.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Couper Decaler

couper decaler

This is the original video of the song the chic on Onada 's blog was dancing to.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hmmm..... how many people think of marriage and it scares them? I think guys are always scared when their wedding day is getting near than gurls.I have talked to a few grooms before their wedding day or on the D-day and I find it amusing when I see a lil' bit doubt on their face.
'The only reason they are scared when it is nearing the wedding day is just that they know that they are not single anymore after the wedding,can't do all the stuffs they use to do while single."

This one of my aunt's daily outburst when she is talking to me about getting married.To some extent I agree with her,cos definately after getting married,you are not only responsible for just yourself,but for 2 people now and when you start having some rugrats running around the house,then your responsibility gets bigger.
I always tell her that it is not about getting married,but getting married to the right person at the right time,cos if it is you can just pick someone and just get married to the person.

I remember my last 2 yrs in college in Naija,I was staying at home and going to school from home.You know how it is in naija,when u are in college u move ur ass to school so u can have all the free moving around time you want.Well I decided to stay at home with my mum cos she was the only one at home then and all my siblings left for school and I was the only one in school in the same town we stay in.So it was just me and my mama at home,so it was like I was her husband o.Normally I always get home late,like getting home around 1am,cos I had to hang out now.I remember my mum won't go to bed until I get home and I always tell she should.We were always arguing like husband and wife and I remember she always seize my car keys when I come home really late.

When I think back to those days,it's as if we were a couple cos she is always nagging me and she always try as much as possible to swat all my plans of getting my groove on then.Thank God cellphones were not in existence as it is now then,she would have been blowing up my phone scather.Anyway that was a mother-son love and protecting thingy,which I later realized.

Coming back to guys been scared when it gets closer to the day they will be loosing their freedom.One of my friend was getting married one time like that and i had to drive him to the registry cos he was running late and this guy could not go into the registry until he had downed almost a bottle of hennessey.

Anyway I need to go to bed now.Let me know ur views on this issue.

Check this video animation out

Friday, July 14, 2006

How r u guys,hope aiight? Am sorry that I have not been updating my blogs,It's just that work has been terrible for the past 3 weeks and all I could do is just read blogs and update mu photblog in the middle of the nite.
I promise to put something up this weekend and to always update as soon as I can.

Have a nice weekend cos I am planing to.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Can you imagine that after spending one of my most horrible day at work all day today looking at the time waiting to leave for my comfortable bed and I got home and can't even sleep.

I had a lil' too much to drink on tuesday (4th of July) cos one of my friend had a barbecue party and I woke up feeling like I have just been ran over by a truck.Damn it is one of those days that u wish u r ur own boss,men I need to hurry up and get to that stage.Well made it thru the day without breaking someone's head except for one old white fool asking why I left England to come to the US cos the fool thot I have an english accent,men I almost hung up the phone on him.

Well I got a joke from one of my friends and it made me laff a bit.Ok read it and maybe it will be funny to u too.

Very pathetic story...I am still at a loss what my feelings are at the end of this story!

This is a true and very moving story. How do things like this keep happening? please read on

A certain rich businessman had a beautiful daughter, who fell in Love with a guy who was a cleaner.
When the girl's father came to know about their love, he did not Like it at all, and so began to protest about it.

Now it happened that the two lovers decided to leave their homes For a happy future. The girl's father started searching

for the two Lovers but could not find them.

At last, he accepted their love and asked them to come back home in A local newspaper. Her father said "If you both come

back I will Allow you to marry the guy you love, I accept that you love each other Truly."

So in this way, their love won and they returned home.

The couple went to town to shop for the wedding dress.

He was Dressed in white shirt that day. While he was crossing the road to the Other Side to get some drinks for his wife, a car came and hit him and he died

On the spot. The girl lost her senses. It was only after sometimes that She recovered from her shock. The funeral and cremation was the very Next day because he died horribly.

Two nights later, the girl's mother had a dream in which she saw an Old lady. The old lady asked her mother to wash the
blood stains of the Guy from her daughter's dress as soon as possible. But her mother Ignored the dream.

The next night her father had the same dream, he also ignored it.

Then when the girl had the same dream the next night, she woke up in Fear and told her mother about the dream. Her mother asked her to wash The Clothes which have blood stains immediately.

She washed the stains but some remained. Next night she again had The same dream she again washed the stains but some
still remained.
Next night she again had the same dream and this time the old lady Gave her a last warning to wash the blood stain, or else

somethingTerrible will happen. This time the girl tried her best to wash the Stains, And the clothes nearly tore, but some stains still remained.

She was very tired.

In the late evening the same day while she was alone at home, Someone knocked the door. When she opened the door she
saw the same old Lady of her dream standing at her door. She got very scared and fainted.

The old lady woke her up... and gave her a blue box, which Shocked the girl. She asked "What is this...?"

The old lady replied...

" New Improved Blue Omo Washing powder...

it will remove all stubborn stains!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ..






I know how you are feeling now... But don't look at me like that ... I'm also hunting for the idiot who mailed this to me!

Please go back to work , no vex

Men I am starting to feel hungry now and freak it is 12:55am,well think I still have some Tostitos chips and salsa and probably get a cup of ice cream as well.Make I go get my grub on and go to sleep cos I have to wake up in the morning to go make some money for one fool that pays me some small change,need to start making the money for myself soon jere.
Abeg if u get any business ideas,abeg share o cos e be like say na brain freeze get me from thinking about business opportunities.