Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Catch some Laffs

Hey ma peeps,been a minute jere.Na this work wey person dey do o.
Thanks to peeps that have been checking on me jere.
Anyway I just have a some pics and a video for you,just a lil' something to make you smile and you can laff as well if you need to 'cos I did when I saw the videos.


After a long period of silence an Ibo guy phones his good pal and the following conversation ensued....
Chike: Nna.. How now??, long tam no see you!
Chidi: Nna, I just dey o. Wetin dey happen now ?
Chike: I jus dey.. Ah beg, I need your hep for sontin...
Chidi: (grumbles) Na wetin?
Chike: Ah won borrow small money from una
Chidi: Hello? Hello? I can't hear u well o
Chike: I say ah need small money from una
Chidi: Hello? Hello? ..dis line no clear o..
Chike: (yelling into the phone) Ah say come borrow me small money abeg!
Chidi: Hello? Hello??, I still can not hear you!
(The phone operator now butts in).. He said he wants you to borrow him money!
Chidi: NNA YOU WEY HEAR AM WELL GIVE AM THE MONEY NOW! (foolish operator.. shiooo..)

Dumb 911 Calls

Funny DUI Arrest

You think Okada men are crazy in Naija,U ain't see nuthn until you see these pics.
These Okada pics made me remember one bad experience I had on an okada when I was still doing fineboy around Port harcourt o.
Na jeje I talk say make I go arrange some Martinik fried rice and chicken in D-line(for peeps that know Port Harcourt well) before hunger kill your guy o.So I decided to hike an okada 'cos of traffic.So I chartered the okada to take me and bring me back to my office o,on our way back there was an oil spill from an oil tanker on one of the roads,na so the stupid okada man wan do James Bond o and instead of him to slow down,men thatz how me,myself and I,the okada man and the okada did some serious stunt for road o.Men the only thing that saved us that day was that there was no car coming from the opposite side of the road and all the practice I had undergone with my brother and cousins from watching too many movies.To now make matters worse,this incident now happened right in front of one ashewo joint on that road and all the deads(prostitutes) were already out in full force.Men come and see them making fun of your guy,that was one of the most embarrassing time of my life o.I did not even feel the pain of the small bruises I got 'cos all I wanted to do was to fade comot for there.The food sef I did not know who escaped with the food after the incident.

You guys have a nice rest of the week and God bless

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bringing My Guy to the Mic

My peeps it's 4th of July on this side of the planet and guess what yours truly did all through today,well your guess is as good as mine.Yours truly did laundry all day after like 5weeks and the only reason why the laundry just had to happen today was cos yours truly was out of boxers and actually had to run to the store 2 days ago to get boxers o.

Yours truly had to go act like a butter again today o.I can't remember ever buying a liquid detergent before o,cos man pickin has been used to OMO and Elephant Blue detergent from Naija days,so liquid detergent has always been a NO NO and yours truly don't really do laundry jere.So today I got to the store and I guess I was feeling too good with myself and decided to buy Tide liquid detergent o and guess what,the $13.85 liquid detergent did not make it out of the laundry room.I am still trying to figure out how people use that thing.

Looking at people running around with fireworks brought back memories of "BANGER" days back mehn.I remember one xmas that my neighbors in Naija decided to have a banger war with us and unfortunately for them we had a bunch of my cousins over the the holiday.We ended up spending all the money we saved up,begged for and tif(yes I said tif,tell God to slap you if u did not tif money when u were small for stupid things) on Banger or knockout.The D-day for the war was set for 9pm boxing day after we got back from the amusement park or something.After emptying the bangers and knockouts out of their packs,we had like a full bucket of ammunition.Anyway after the battle,I can pretty much tell you that we ended been in deep shyte.

Well going back to the title of my post today.I have one of my high school friends here.This guy has been trying to rap since we were in high school in Naija and his rap name then was "Skenti B",but is real name is Lanre.We had fun back in the days anyway and really got into a trouble or two back then as well.This guy is a pharmacist now and based in Buffalo NY,but he is still trying to make his mark as well as an artist.I heard some of his songs is now been played on radio and TV stations back in Naija.

Please show him some love and you can always let him know what you feel about his songs.He has a couple of songs and he actually did one song for one chic he had a crush on when we were in Primary school till we left high school which he titled in the chic's name "Yewande"Here are some of his videos and he is going to be shooting a couple of his other videos in Naija this August.

Want you Back------Lanre

Yewande ----- Lanre

Too Strong ----------Lanre

You can check out his myspace official website here

I got a comment about a new blog that has a listing of all the Naija blogs,it's a good avenue to get to a lot of Naija blogs.Check it out Here

Am signing outta here for a minute my peeps,take care and happy independence day to my peeps in yankee.Peace!!!

Heard D'banj will be in MD on Thursday 5th of July between 6pm to 9pm at
Peju's Restaurant and Lounge,1724 Woodlawn Drive Baltimore,MD 21244
No cover charge and it's strictly 21 and over Dress code proffesional,grown and sexy
for more info call 410 493 2799 443 415 2243.

So all y'all Naija star stuck peeps can check him out there o