Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brain Dropplings

Howdy ma peeps?Been a minute,well been busy adjusting to a new city,different climate and I must say that I am missing my America hometown o ...H-Town babayyyyyyy.....Yeyeeeee...Turn up ur speakers !!!!!!

Anyway first of all I just want to post this intership opportunity for people that are still in college with a very reputable company GE Energy. I have a friend that works for them as a project manager and these people roll big if I may tell you.This guy works from home,he was given a brand new company car and an Amex card to charge all his gas and chopulatings on.Trust yours truly,I partake in this gasing up and chopulating any available opportunity that I get o,cos I no come count bridge for America o.

Anyway this was the advert for the summer intership that I got and I just want to let ma peeps know about it and you might know someone that it will benefit.

All - Please forward to Youth in College who may qualify and be
interested in this opportunity.

I will be starting the interview process for my Summer Interns in a

few weeks and I NEED YOUR HELP. I am looking for college Freshmen,
Sophomores, or Juniors in Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, or
Accounting. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. I will consider some
business majors with strong leadership qualities.

Location of Internships: Atlanta, Greenville, Houston, Ohio,

Raytown, Schenectady, Erie, ..anywhere there is a GE facility!
Average salary: $17 an hour....some locations I will pay a housing

Please forward this email to all that meet the requirements above.

My numbers are below!

Michelle Jackson, PHR

GE Energy

HR Manager, Compliance & Dispute Resolution

T: 678 844 7668

F: 1-866-276-0930

D: *421-7668

So if you are interested or know someone that qualifies and is interested,just give her a call.

Anyway I was watching TV the other day and there was a case going on in a court, the government was trying take some woman’s three kids away ‘cos she always leave them at home to go to work to get money for them to survive on and they are accusing her of negligence. During the court proceedings, the judge ask the Child protection services attorney how much will be allocated to the foster mother they will be placing the kids with and the attorney said $600 for each child making a total of $1800 for the three kids.

My point is this is a woman that has no record of abusing these kids and the only record she has is for stealing a carton of milk ‘cos her kids were hungry. She always get fired at all the jobs she gets when one of her kids get sick and she had to take care of them and she could not make it to work or something. The woman came out and said that if the government gives her the $1800 that they are planning to give the foster mother to take care of her kids, she will be able to take care of them much better as their mother, but the government was not ready to do that which I still don’t get as of right now.

The judge did a wonderful thing by appointing the mother’s sister has the foster mother and also said the sister can rent a bigger house and can also give or rent the mother a room to stay in the house. Men, the Child Protection Service’s attorney was almost going crazy ‘cos there was nothing he could do about it.

I always wonder if the people in government sit down and take a look at some of the laws they lay down, because some of these laws go over the top most of the time and it actually push people to even break the law a times. I am not saying that laws are not really applicable for the reason they were actually laid down, but there should be exceptions to some instances. Like with this example, if the mother was abusive towards are kids, a drug abuser or just irresponsible, I will agree with it, but this is a mother that is been punished for making a couple of mistakes by having kids with fathers that are not responsible and she is trying to take care of them as much as she can.

Lemme leave you with some pictures of our very handsome presido and his cohorts ......


O Ma home ..Damn!!! I miss this delicacy like crazy

Am out peeps.Take care and enjoy ya weekend o and Tony Tetula was in Houston last nite but your truly was over here.No money for flight now abi ... anyway I will try and contact my friend that brought him into town to see if I can get pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Mastercard Blowjob Commercial

Men I saw this Video on Youtube and I could not resist posting it.
Try and guess what would happen to the chic when she faces her dad and am sure the guy will not come to that house again..LOL

Have a nice weekend folks

Friday, February 02, 2007

'Cos we are some Jolly Good Fellows

Am sure a lot of people are trying to figure out whatz up with the title of my post today.Na so I see am o.

First of all,let me answer a lot of people that was asking what SAP BW is ..this is not Structural Adjustment Program o...This is System Application Processes or Products and BW(Business Warehousing) is one of the modules.

Well on Monday when I got to work I saw a poster saying that we are having a superbowl cookout on friday which is today and I was reading the No.7 item(all y'all wedding crashers know what am talking about) and I saw under the drinks category ..Beer!Beer!!Beer!!!.I did a double take to reread but I still saw the same thing.So i decided to wait till today to see what is going to happen and keep in mind that the cookout is from 11.30am to 2.30pm during office hours.

So I woke up today finished the screening of the resumes that my manager gave me to screen for interviews for a position in our office in India and jumped into the bathroom.I decided to wear a track down pant with one of my Gunners Jerseys(The yellow one for all my UK people to damo).Got to work and had a brief meeting in the morning.I got an email saying that the cookout was still on despite the little bit of rain we got in the morning.So around 11.40am,my manager who was actually around from Mexico(did I tell you guys my manager is situated in our office in Mexico) came to get me so that we can go downstairs for the cookout o.Got there and there was a line for the barbecue,chillis and burgers and there was like 5 coolers of different beer,Heineken,Budlite,Budweiser,Guinness,Corona etc ...Omo I wail ...come and see all those people I was looking at as nerds slurging up.Mind you my company is like a University campus and the building I am is just for the IT personnel.

It is already 2.35pm now and I can see some people walking around like they are flat footed around here now.While eating and drinking I got to interact with a couple of my co workers and was told that they normally have this kind of shindig almost every 2 weeks.Right about now,everybody is back to work now o and you can actually see people doing their normal work.As I am typing this post,I have a half filled bottle of Heineken sitting on my desk from which I am sipping from now.Since I started with this company,I have actually have to be all uptight to get work done in an organization.Our dress code is casual all the way,you see Managers in shorts,shirts and slippers in meetings and stuffs.

Well don't let me leave you without making you laff a little ....
Check out this caption of an angry wife ......

This is also for some people who have been doing investigations with all the law enforcement agencies all over the world to get my picture,this was taken in Las Vegas recently sha. .(You know ya sefssssss)