Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yours Truly

Howdy fellow blogheads, been a long minute since I have been on here. Been a little busy and also trying to put a post up has been feeling like too much work.

Anyway don't let me bore you to death with my rantings.

I kinda got the inspiration to update my blog today because of someone that casted their fishing rod to catch a fish and caught one and hoping they would eat the fish or not sure you guys are thinking in your head WTH is this buffoon talking about. Well it's all a riddle for now jere .....

Back to the koko, well I hung out with a bunch of my co workers yesterday and kinda noticed a couple of stuffs going on with some of them. Ok let me start by telling you about some of them.

I have a guy I work with who is like on the same level with my manager but I don't work for him. He is one of the people I hang out with down here and he is cool. There is a chic that works with us too and it is very obvious that the chic has the hots for the bobo and the bobo won't mind shagging the chic but the bobo no sabi how to go about it without dating the chic. The bobo is a little slow in that department when it comes to that sha make I no lie.Anyway this chic has a roommate who also for a weird reason like the bobo somehow somehow.Am sure you are already feeling the drama in all this abi. Well me I am kinda like an instigator and wahala stirrer when it comes to this kind of drama because I like movies and TV well well. So everytime I hang with them I am always bringing something up that will cause the 3 of them to collide just for the fun of it sha cos it's always fun to watch them all together.

Anyway the roommate's birthday was yesterday and she sent an invite out to come party with her at a nearby restaurant slash bar/club sha.So me looking at the list of invitees I knew I was having fun either way ni sha.

It sort of happens that the dude in the middle of all this rukus now got himself a fine long leg chic from one of these European countries sha, the chic fine pass the 2 chics having sleepless nights cos of the dude o.So me myself and I now convinced the dude to invite his new chic out to the birthday gig o just to cause rukus now.The guy in his right mind would not have thought of doing that cos he also enjoys the attention he gets from these 2 chics but he does not know how to go about doing what he has to do sha.

Anyway I got to the venue and a whole bunch of them were already there cos I had to finish of some stuffs at work late. So we started partying it up like rockstars o and you know that oyinbo people after a few drinks the crazies starts coming outta them.Well the drama started as usually after yours truly did some instigating and getting them to do what they normally do.Then Gbam!!! the new player got introduced into the game when the dude's new girlfriend entered the parrrryyyy o.

Anyway the long and short of the story is that the chic that works with us figured nothing for her or probably the alcohol kicked some sense into her and she became the dude's girlfriends paddy but the roomie who's birthday it was did not know what to do, so she proceeded to go ahead and get shitface(get drunk). It was a funny but not so funny sight to watch and the good thing about it is that the dude's girlfriend was all matured about the whole thing. I guess 'cos she knows she owns the meat now and can dangle it in their

Anyway yours truly did not wake up till like 10.15am today and had to jump on a radio talk show which was fun sha. Plan for today was to have a me time o with activities lined up.Plan was to go to the gym,jump in the pool after, then go to the golf range to practice some new stuffs I just saw that my man Tiger Woods did recently and then end up at the shooting range to do some target practice. Well I was able to get to the gym and jump in the pool before the rain started, so golf range and shooting range was out of the question, so I ended up staying indoors all day. Had some pounded yam and banga soup and watch TV all day. Think I might be going to a bachelor's party for a co worker that I got invited to later tonight sha.

Well peeps I think I need to go jump in the bathroom or something but peeps can you tell me what you think about this wrist watch o ....cos am a sucker for wrist watches and shoes.