Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How many people remember those yellow fever cops that jump into your car when you try to drop someone off on the island or around apapa and you have to pay them some money or bribe them before they let you go o?

I remember this incident when I had to go drop my cousin on the island right by the third mainland bridge.Fortunately for me one of my crazy friends in crime at that time was with me.So immediately my cousin got down,the yellow fever guy jumped into the car and said I should move forward and park the car very well,but as a mammal and a skull(will tell u abt those names and lingua later)that has experience ikwerre and ijaw boys demostration when hijacking bus drivers in Port harcourt.I just kept driving and got on 3rd mainland bridge stopped in the middle of the bridge and told the yellow fever guy to get out of the car.He was trying to resist and we told him we will beat him and throw him into the ocean and he was actually scared.We ended up leaving him there o.

Men when i think about how law enforcement agents in naija extort people,I actually don't pity them when people beat them or deal with them.I have had a couple of brushes with them while in naija and even still did when in naija last december.

What is your opinion about it?