Thursday, October 29, 2009

Got this from another Blog ....u can

I don't do memes, but kinda like this one!

Have You Ever...?Stolen Anything: Hmmmmmm ....... who hasn't ...
Been Drunk Before Noon: College days was crazy is all i could say!
Had Sex In A Public Place: Hmmmmmmmm......
Got Caught Telling A Lie: Who Hasn’t?
Been Arrested: Got To The Station and was let go 'cos it was mistaken identity.
Littered: Story....tell me you've not.
Fantasized About A Co-Worker: Omo HR fit dey read this arena
Cheated On A Test: Well ...depends on what you call spying cheating?
Failed A Class: Never. well a lecturer failed me back then 'cos he thought I was dating a chic he wanted to get with.
Screened Your Phone Calls: Duh!
Eaten Food Off The Floor: Why not!
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: Everybody has done that jo!
Wished You Were Someone Else: I’m Thinking, ...Myself
Cried During A Movie: Getting Teary Eyed Is Not Quite Crying, Is It?
Had A One Night Stand: I plead the 5th!
Had To Pull Over On The Side Of The Road To Puke?: Not to puke o but to take a nap!
Had Your Heart Broken?: ...yes o .....
Had A Good Feeling About Something?: of cos!
Had A Near Death Experience: Yup, Car accident and a lot more near miss.
Swam In Freezing Water: for why!
Jumped Off A House: yes college from the top floor of the SUB(Naija college)
Been Attacked?: Yes o ....which bobo wey grow up in naija has not!
Bungee Jumped: The Price Is Yet To Be Right
White Water Rafted: Like that's a sport or recreational activity.....well not challenging enuff.
Pulled An All Nighter?: Yes for exams!
Surfed: I'm Not Even Interested
Lied About Your Age: Nah...for why!
Broken A Bone?: NEVER but sprain some parts of my body.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Na Wah o !

Hey folks, I know its been a minute since I put an update up on this space. Not my fault but you know, as in, like that, this guy right here has to work, pay bills and survive.
Anyway been working and doing a little bit of traveling as well and one of the traveling confirmed to me that identity theft,yahoo yahoo, 419 etc or any other name you want to give it is worldwide jere.

I went to the Dominican Republic early September and I must say the place is lovely. Nice beaches everywhere and nice people as well.Dominican Republic shares an island with Haiti, so it is one of the biggest island in the Caribbean.The Dominican Republic was colonized by the Spanish although the island was discovered by Christopher Columbus and the capital of Dominica Republic, Santa Domingo was said to be the first capital of Spain in the New world.Anyway enough of the history lesson.
I had major fun on the island although the heat no get part II sha. All you want to do is just stay in the ocean or the swimming pools or inside with the AC.

So on to my issue, I made a charge on my Amex in Puerto Plata which is the city I went to for $98 and was assure that only $99 will be charged on my card but never the less, I saw a charge of $99.99. I did not make a fuss 'cos it is just $1.99 abi.Well I did not know that was a test,'cos 2 weeks after I got back, I was just about to leave work and remembered that I needed to make the payment on the Amex card.So I logged into my account online and noticed that my line of credit was low.So I picked up the phone,called America Express to chew them up for reducing my line of credit.So a chic picked up the phone and I already started going off about them reducing my line of credit,then the chic said they did not do anything of the such but that I have a charge pending on my account, so that is why my line of credit is showing that amount
I first of all roll the dice in my brain to figure out if I made any charge on the card but all I could get was double 6.So I asked her to please tell me what the charge was for,how much and where it is been charged.The chic went ahead and told me that there was a charge for $1800 been charged in the Dominican Republic for a 1 week vacation Presidential hotel suite in Panama city,Panama.See me see trouble o, me sef that owns the card has never been to Panama or have any plans of visiting Panama anytime soon and someone is charging up my card there for a Presidential suite not even a normal room.So first of all I calmed down and told them (no be me) and that my card is here in front of me and I have no plans whatsoever to visit Panama anytime soon. So they got me the fraud department and canceled the card and UPS another one to me.Well as of right now they said they are still investigating the charge and all that rubbish and that I won't be charged a finance fee for the amount, 'cos the amount is still showing on my account and they said they won't be able to put it back until their investigation has been concluded. I told them no wahala that I understand since my name is not John Doe,but Omogbagi Omosare so they don't need to believe me. If they like they can come and post a detective in front of my house to follow me everywhere to see if I made it to Panama sef na their wahala as long I am not liable for that amount and I am not been charged for the finance fee, am good.

Apart from that everything has been good except work, which is still its normal binsh self but am getting it under control as usual 'cos work scarce out there and the word bills is not going anywhere.You can imagine that I have been working non-stop for the past two weeks, I mean night and day on a rubbish project which they termed priority and has to go into production by 30th of September. Guess what, we are still testing in that same production as of now, abi no be the plan be that,it must enter Production by 30th of Septemeber which I did put into Production before then.

Anyway folks,I get on meeting now and even hunger is knocking on the doors of my stomach right about now.So I have to call into a meeting and at the same time go look for something to eat.

Casshhhh ya larrer folks

Lemme humor you with this caption I got from a co worker ..

“Sure Wish Somebody Would Invent Something To Keep The Sun Out Of My Eyes."

I LUV MATHEMATICS - Check out this video ........LOLOLOLOL .....

You Can't Fix Stupid